Flowers to represent your friendship

Celebrating your friendship is not something you can only do on Friendship Day. There are plenty of other occasions, like birthdays, that are perfect for honouring the most important people in your life. When you want to show your friend how much you care, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Of course, you might be wondering which flowers to choose. Here are some of your best options.

Roses are associated with various forms of love. While red roses are associated with romantic love, yellow roses are the symbol of friendship. They are particularly perfect if you want to send flowers to a friend without worrying about it coming across as a romantic gesture. When you send yellow roses, you can either send them all on their own or you can pair them with other blooms. If you want to add a delicate touch, ask your florist to include a few stems of baby’s breath and perhaps a touch of foliage too.

Sunflowers are another excellent option. Bright, bold, and large, these blooms are of the most impressive out there. They are also known for lasting wonderfully long and this long vase life is great news for anyone’s décor. Larger sunflowers with taller stems look amazing all on their own. Smaller varieties can be added to mixed arrangements if you prefer.

For centuries chrysanthemums have been associated with friendship and sending best wishes. When you send mums to a friend, make sure that you choose the right colour or, if you are unsure, you can always send a mixed bouquet.

Irises are the floral expression of trust. Who do you trust more than your very best friend? These blooms have an amazing beauty unlike any other. Simply place several stems in a clear glass vase and their beauty will do all the rest.

For a friend with superb strength, you can celebrate them and their greatest personality traits when you send a bouquet of gladiolus flowers. These blooms are available in various colours and they are an amazing sight to behold.

These are just some of the top choices. You could even combine several of these flowers to make an even more impressive bouquet. Remember, gladiolus flowers are best for giving a bouquet some height and, if you use several types of blooms, you will also create some lovely textural contrasts.