For Him Bouquet

Need to get a gift for a guy? One that shows him how you feel about him? It would be great if you could send him flowers just like he does for you, but is it okay to send flowers to men? Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but times are changing and flowers really are a perfect fit for the men in your life.

From romantic gestures to modern office arrangements, ProFlowers can help you choose flowers for men and give you floral tips even for the toughest guy out there. 

Times have changed… for the better!

Ten years ago—maybe even only five years ago—sending flowers to a man was relatively unheard of. After all, what macho man wants to admit he likes to take time to smell the roses?

But ours is a world where change comes fast, and today it’s not uncommon to see men going to the spa for a facial or mud bath, or sitting down in the chair for a manicure. Next to these kinds of things, flowers for men seem downright quaint!

And for every man, there is a flower! (Ok, for some men, it may still have to be a plant.) However, just like a guy will hide the fact that he occasionally watches “Desperate Housewives,” he may also probably have trouble being upfront as to what kinds of flowers he likes. That’s where we can help, because we’ve been asking our customers and industry friends what flowers for guys they recommend, and we’re going to share our findings with you.

What colors and arrangements are most appropriate to send to men?

We’re not saying men see the world in black and white, but based on the opinions of most guys we’ve talked to, it’s probably best to avoid pastel colors or arrangements that are too busy. Choose a “masculine” monochromatic palette, such as dendrobium orchid bouquets in white or purple, or robust sunflower bouquets which are often good flowers for guys. More than a few men told us they enjoy tropical flowers like birds of paradise as they have “personality” and a “strong appearance.”

Contemporary floral arrangements, with strong clean lines and a more natural style, are great for guys. It is also important to keep in mind that certain flowers can symbolize powerful feelings such as:

  • Chrysanthemums—friendship
  • Daisies—loyalty
  • Red roses—romantic love
  • Yellow roses—friendship
  • Alstroemeria—devotion
  • Bamboo—good luck

If your fella has a favorite hobby, that makes getting flowers for him even easier as you can add a personal touch that can take your gift to the next level. For outdoorsmen, try a rustic natural arrangement. And if your guy is into working on cars or making things with his hands, then try sending him a gift like a bonsai plant, which has a definitively masculine appeal and will feed his desire to “tinker.”

What occasions are best to send flowers to men?

Flowers can be given on any occasion, and men love to get flowers for the same reasons they send them. Pay close attention to when he usually sends flowers (birthdays, anniversaries etc), as these are ideal occasions to return the gesture. Alternatively, you could send them to celebrate a success at work. Remember that context is very important. If your man works in an office, then a bouquet of roses might be the right gift to send to him at work. But if he works on a construction site, then maybe you might want to surprise him with flowers once he gets home.

A party or barbecue is also a perfect time to give flowers to a man. Firstly, because they add a splash of living color to the get-together. And secondly—and this applies especially to “macho men”—he can always say, as looks lovingly upon the flowers you gave him, “Oh, those flowers aren’t really for me. They’re for the party!” In the final analysis, flowers for men are the same kind of gift they are for women: a gift of love. So, if your man knows you love him—or if you want him to know!—send him flowers. Just as women love receiving flowers for no reason at all, a surprise gift of flowers for him will work wonders, too.

Whether you need a romantic gifts for your Valentine's husband or boyfriend, or brother, flowers are the ideal choice!