How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?

Surprising your boyfriend can be a great way to bring the two of you closer. Surprises leave a strong, emotional impression and can even seem to stop time, shaking up expectations and making you both feel good. The occasional surprise is an effective way to show your special guy how much you love him regardless of whether the relationship is new or long-lasting. You can learn to plan special treats, parties, more adult-themed fare to spice it up and other ways to show him you care.

Give him a gift for no reason. Gifts from out of the blue? Always appreciated. If there is something you know he has had his eye on, like a game or some sports gear, go out and buy it for him.

Notice what he likes. You can get a lot of ideas by watching what he says, does and has conversations about—not only with you but with others as well. Keep an eye on what he orders at restaurants, the things he does for fun and what he watches on TV. Listen when he mentions something he really enjoys while you two are out or when cuddling together. Find out what makes him smile.

Buy him tickets to something he would enjoy. Sports events, concerts, beer festivals and other events in your area are all great guy-ideas. Buy the tickets and plan out the day ahead of time. Find out what other activities are nearby and make it a special day for you both.

Spoil him for an entire day. A day of being treated like a king will be a welcome surprise for any guy. If you want to surprise your boyfriend, wait for his day off, then tell him that he gets to make all the decisions for the entire day. Let him be in charge.

Plan a fun meal. Lots of people say the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. It's probably true for many people, though, guy or gal. Preparing his favorite dinner is a nice treat no matter how long the two of you have been going out.

Don't forget about little things. Lots of guys are interested in things that may seem relatively small to you. Planning out something super-elaborate, like a scavenger hunt for relationship-mementos, could come off as corny to some guys. But things that seem kind of lame to you may get him feeling the big feelings. Try out the following for a little treat.

Planning a Surprise Event. Having a surprise party is great, but having one in public where you won't have to spend a bunch of time afterward cleaning up? Way better for a dude. Either plan the party at a friend's house, or plan the party at a local pub or restaurant that he likes.

Surprise him with something precious. Get a special frame for his degree or military retirement certificate. Restore an old photo of his family. Sew up that hole in his favorite shirt he’s had since high school. Use a program to take all the background noise out of the recording of him singing as a child.