Valentine's Day Is A Month Away: 4 Things To Start Planning Already

Don't wait till the last moment to book the restaurant for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Is A Month Away: 4 Things To Start Planning Already


The countdown has begun. Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Now, if you're reading this, we already know you're the kind of person who loves to make a big deal about this 'holiday'. And it's never really too early to begin the planning process, is it? So here are the things that need your attention if you want to successfully plan the most perfect Valentine's Day for you and your partner.

1. Find your dinner spot

Waiting until just a few days before Valentine's day is the absolute worst idea. Most good restaurants will be completely booked and you'll have to settle for something that isn't as special as you would have liked. So start asking around about the hottest new place in your city already. Check menus, look at venue pictures and don't forget to read reviews. Once you make up mind on where you would like to dine, make your reservation. Go ahead and make reservations at two restaurants if you aren't sure - you can always cancel one later. Or give it to that best friend who didn't plan ahead like you.

2. Order that sexy lingerie

Valentine's night deserves new lingerie. And if you keep thinking whether or not you should buy it, you waste precious time. Buying the lingerie is not making a commitment that you have to wear it that night. You can keep deciding that later. But to have the option is a great idea. So order the set you'd want to surprise your partner in already - you'll have plenty of time to make other plans in case you don't end up liking what you get.

3. Start bookmarking gifts

The little things are super sweet, yes. But you have to plan that one special gift as well. Start asking his friends if there is anything he needs and do your own research about what he would appreciate as well. It's early enough that he won't think much about your probing questions. In case he's the kind of person who would prefer a more personal gift, you'll need to start taking out time for a DIY project pretty soon.

4. Apply for leave

This year, Valentine's Day happens to be on Wednesday. And if you're happy with a dinner date, that's just fine. But if you want more from the experience, you might want to plan that ahead too. If you've got a romantic getaway on your mind, you'll definitely need to figure out a couple of days off. But if that's not possible at this time for you, you can plan a slightly simpler but still fancy staycation with just a half-day on Thursday too. Think about it, check your and your partner's leave situations and don't forget to check prices of the hotel before you book - they might skyrocket during that might, even if it happens to be mid-week.

What you idea of a perfect Valentine's Day date? Let us know in the comments section below.